Client Web Services

Solid Engineering & Design has many simple and secure ways to share files with our clients. Whether you are located down the street or on the other side of the world, Solid Engineering & Design will create a project environment that is SECURE, easy to use, and efficient so your work gets done as fast as possible with no errors.



Cloud Collaboration Apps We Use:

  • SharePoint is a Collaboration Portal where we can share and manage versions of project related documents.
  • DropBox is an interactive cloud storage service that we use for sharing large files with clients and other team members.
  • SamePage is a new and unique portal for project collaboration between clients and suppliers.
  • OneDrive offers a secure (Microsoft) option to store, sync and share project related files with clients.
  • GoToMeeting gives you the opportunity to join, host or manage a video, audio or web meeting with clients.